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Bumble Bee Retreat 2019

  • Bumble Bee Ranch Bumble Bee Road Black Canyon City, AZ, 85324 United States (map)

2019 dates:  April 4-7  (we gather Thursday evening, April 11, we begin Friday morning, and close Sunday at noon)  $550 all inclusive. 

 The Howe at the center of our magical Spiral

The Howe at the center of our magical Spiral

2019:  Rebirth Your Shining Soul 

A flowing weekend of living ceremonies will reconnect you to you shining truth. This brilliant light shines from your heart, illuminating every aspect of your life -  your thoughts, dreams and actions. Step into your power, as ancient as your soul. Remember who you truly are. 

Initiation into your Truth
The Shamanic Death - Ceremony that is foundational to our shamanic path. It is intense and profound, the shamanic death. We can't really do this in a ZOOM class, but Bumble Bee is perfect for this sweet immersion. Over the course of the weekend we will prepare for the crossing, experience the other side, and return with a knowing that will be our new basis for all experiences to come. 

Hosting Powerful Spirit Into this World
Power Dance - Ceremony that allows Spirits to express themselves and deliver healing, without our usual boundaries. This ceremony will gift you will song and connection, and bring transfiguration healing into the circle and the whole ranch

Communion with the Sidhe
Stone Circle Ceremony - Our spiral circle is a Howe that opens into the Sidhe and brings you into direct community with the Shining Ones. The land at Bumble Bee is ancient. People have lived here for many thousands of years. This is one of those special places where people travel for spiritual experiences. Only this place was asleep for years, until we, the SpiritHealer Circle, opened the Faery Well and brought all the tribes together: ancient Sidhe, more recent natives, the Kachina's, the miners and ranchers, and all the Power Animals and Nature Spirits -  all of them come together for community when we come. We host them all with food, drink and celebration. This year we will be mirroring heaven and earth with shields on the Spiral. It's phenomenal. 

Connected Flow
Every year some of us go to visit the ranch horses and do Connected Flow healing on them. Its is so much fun. They just love it. But no worries of horses are not your thing. We will do Connected Flow healing on each other during our break time.  The massage table is available for sharing healing power sessions.

Community with your dearest friends. 
Bumble Bee is about our friendship. Our love for each other, and our common pursuit of shamanic truth and power. Bumble Bee is a safe space for your process, and for our supporting your transfiguration. Its also a great place to relax, go for a swim and hike, and eat amazing food with like minded people. There will be no deprivation! Eat, drink and be merry!

We do important work when we gather at the ranch. Last year the spirits who support us on the ranch fended off a wildfire this spring. They are bringing in lost wandering souls and crossing them to the light. They are organizing Arizona, bringing more circles together, and building our healing power. Come join us! We need you more than ever to make this circle bright. 

Every year we do some hands on work for the ranch horses, and this year we are going to have extra fun -  on Saturday during our afternoon break we will be volunteering on the ranch with The Hope Kids, kids with cancer. Image the gifts you will give these precious ones. I will bring my horses for pony rides.