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Magic of the Sidhe

Webinar: $35 . The Sidhe (shee) are a Faery race who live in a parallel dimension to ours. Humans and Sidhe share a common ancestry, and long ago we walked together, but things shifted and the Sidhe went into the hollow hills.  Stories abound of our reconnecting with them, remembering the shimmering path of beauty that they embody. In this class we will learn about the Sidhe, and using the Shamanic Journey, connect with the Sidhe teachers who are reaching out to you. The Sidhe have great power to lend us - we will ask for a magical gift that we can use to manifest and create our lives in harmony and beauty. 

Offered through All Webinar information upon registration through Gryphon’s Claw,

Earlier Event: April 15
Journey Circle
Later Event: May 13
Journey Circle