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Sacred Tree Shamanism

Aug 22, 26, 29 and Sept 3 at 5:30-7:15 pm on ZOOM webinar

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Brand new 4 part Introduction to Shamanism class - a new approach focused on merging with the Spirits and our ancestral tree. Prepare for your adventure in the SpiritHealer Schools classes. Learn a deeper connected way to enter the shamanic realms. Begin your personal initiation into the Connected Flow web of power and light. 

Meeting 1: Merging and Power Animals
Merging is the most important ritual in shamanism. Everything follows from this sacred practice. We begin our journey by merging with our personal gateway and guardian, or Ancestral Tree. Merge, Experience the forest. Call your Power Animal to you. Return and share. Power Animal: Merge and dance at the tree. Bring the merge into your bones and dance in your room. Return to the grove and ask the Power Animal to answer a few simple questions - to learn how they do that.

Meeting 2: Traveling to the Lower World
Find the opening in the tree and enter. Your PA may help you. Describe its interior with all your senses. Ask to meet a compassionate Ancestral Guide who will show you the gateways to the dimensions. Learn to formally connect with guides.  Travel to the upper world dimension: Travel with your guide, then merging with them pass through the portal into the upper world dimension. Explore. Meet a teacher. Connect. Receive a teaching

Meeting 3: The Upper World, and a Personal Healing
You don't need to be a special psychic to talk with the dead. You just need the shamanic journey, your Spirit Allies, and clear intention. It's easiest to start by communicating with other people's relatives and pets, so we will pair up for this journey.  

Meeting 4: Bringing it together with Connected Flow®
Merging with the Sacred Tree allows us to connect to the universal creative life force in a direct way. Connected Flow® healing is easy to learn, and very powerful. We can use it in a journey or hands on. This meeting gives you an overview of the practice. All my classes going forward will integrate Connected Flow, because it has become central to my healing practice, and it WORKS!

This class will amaze you. It is a new approach to entering the shamanic worlds, using merging and the Sacred Tree as the gateway. We go deep in a very short time. (This is my teaching style: fast, clear and powerful). Shamans are bridges to the Spirit world; we hold their power in our bones so they can fix things here on earth. This is a very important job! This class will fully prepare you to enter my Full Circle training and Shamanism for Animals. And it will let you know if shamanism, and my teaching style, are right for you. 

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