Healing Sessions with Carla

Shamanic healing is the wind in the sails bringing you and your animals into wholeness. The compassionate spirits help us overcome the challenges in our lives. In addition to doing deep healing work on all levels, Carla reconnects you to your own compassionate spirits who will continue helping you long after the session has finished. 

Personal sessions can be over the phone or in person. Animal sessions are usually over the phone. Carla speaks out loud to share all the details of the session with you, as it is happening. You are part of the journey, and you may experience more that Carla even sees. The Spirits offer advice, look into your soul, heal you from the roots! It is profound, and can be life changing. The recording will let you review the session later, because there is usually so much information it is hard to remember it all. 

Many of us are working with every tool we have. Shamanic healing supports other modalities, including western medicine. When we ask the compassionate spirits to help us, they help on all levels.

Fast and Focused sessions are for single issues where we can work fast. Full sessions allow us to get into the depth of the situation, and give the Spirit time to address multiple layers. If you or your animal needs soul retrieval, unwinding of old cords, or other more involved work, please order a full session. 

When you order your session we will work together to set the best intentions for your healing journey. Scroll down to learn how sessions flow and what you can expect.




  • I will communicate with your animal, and give you a audio recording of the communications.

  • I will ask the compassionate spirits to diagnose the problem(s) and then heal it!

  • I will learn what you can do to help the animal.

  • If your animal has died, I will make sure it is happily settled in the spirit world, and will communicate any messages he or she has for you, and you for them.

When I am working with animals I ask for their perspective, and I ask for the Spirit’s wisdom. I may enter into the animal’s body and identify blockages, or “intrusions” that the Spirits then remove. The Spirits impart compassionate healing power  and they may advise if there is  any treatment that would be good for you to pursue.

"I must share with you that since the day of Barley’s reading, he has been transposed into a dog of serenity, at peace, not so overly sensitive to noises and his environment"

Often the animal needs additional healing techniques, such as a soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, or trauma healing. Soul retrievals and power animal retrievals are wonderful for animals. Often inexplicable behavior gets better after a soul retrieval. Sometimes the changes are dramatic, sometimes small. I describe the parts or spirits I bring back so, that you can reinforce the healing by reminding your animal of them in ordinary reality, and asking how your animal friend feels having the parts back. You may not believe your animal understands, but he or she will!


I will also let you know if anything should change in what you are doing with your animal. For example, one horse in Arizona reported to me that he was lonely and really wanted to be with the horses in the other paddock. He also showed me a precious colt at his side. After asking the owner if there were horses he was not turned out with, she said “Yes, I just separated him from a mare and her colt. They had been out together all summer.” So she reunited them and the colt stuck to the client gelding like glue. A simple, and happy solution to a horse’s sadness.

I love to have you on the phone with me, and for personal sessions I generally require it. But for animals, unscheduled sessions are just as powerful for both communication and healing, and don’t require you to be “present”. After receiving your e-mail or phone call with the details of your request, I set aside time to do the session. I find that animal’s spirits are receptive to the communication regardless of what their bodies are doing (sleeping or playing and so forth).

Please provide the following details when you request an animal healing. Copy this information and paste it into your email, or into the note on the order form. Email me a picture if you have one handy.

  • Explain who the healing is for and what your concerns are.

  • Give some identifying characteristics of you or your animal. Include the animal’s type, name, age and sex please.

  • Mention any specific questions you would like to have answered




"[T]his morning, I felt even more inspired, happy, positive, and hopeful. It’s wonderful – I’m back to being the person I used to be."

Shamanism can offer immediate help to those suffering pain from abuse, trauma or injury. It can restore your sense of power, giving you renewed strength in your daily life. It addresses the spiritual components of illness making other forms of treatment more effective (and sometimes performing miracle healings). I can retrieve your own helping Spirits who can give you wisdom and a sense of comfort and well being. Shamanic work speeds physical and emotional recovery, making your days brighter fast.

  • Soul retrieval, personal empowerment, healing for illness and injury, life path exploration, healing deep old wounds, communicating with your ancestors and loved ones – the Spirits can bring help and guidance for so many things!

  • Over the course of many, many of session I have experienced amazing things, and each session reveals new shamanic wisdom. I look forward to helping you with your dilemmas and supporting your dreams.

  • The Spirits often give advice for your personal recovery and development. This is always specific to you, and is generally not arduous. I set the intention that the advice be a recommendation, not a prescription. The healing stands as powerful medicine the instant we do it. Your experience of it may deepen over time, or it may be a sudden revelation. We ask for miracles. We don’t always get them, but we do everything we can to accomplish the mission.

I perform FULL SERVICE shamanic healing, including extraction and transmutation of spiritual aspects/causes of suffering, soul retrieval, power animal retrievals, Spiral in Time ancestral healing, past life, connecting with the deceased, house clearings, everything you may need that the Spirits can offer you.

When you contact me, tell me what the problems are that you would like to overcome. Maybe it is a sense of emptiness, a physical pain, and emotional hurt, loss of childhood memory, or grief. If you want a particular treatment, such as soul retrieval, request it.

  • I will first discuss with you what you wish to have shift in your life – physical, emotional and spiritual. You may have specific requests, such as for soul retrieval or physical healing, and I will focus on those things. But I will also ask the spirits to do a wide range of healing work for you, including diagnostics of the spiritual aspects of your situation, illness extraction and power retrieval work. The spirits know what is best for you and help you accordingly. I will record the journey on a sound file, capturing the messages my spirits give for you to hear. If you are on the phone, you will hear the details as they unfold as well.

  • If you and your animal share an issue, we will work with both of you in the sacred healing circle. Our homes are like ecosystems, everyone shares in the energy and we sometimes have mirrored conditions as a result.

  • After the journey I will explain what transpired and answer questions. I may also give you follow up exercises to make sure the power “sticks”. This may include doing brief meditations daily, checking inside yourself to feel the spirits I retrieved and asking them for help and wisdom. Or it may include a “prescription” from the spirits, such as getting more sleep, improving your diet, visualizing healing in your body or whatever. (Please – think of shamanic work as a complement to modern medicine, not as a substitute – see the PS below.)


The Session Flow

Full session appointments usually last 60-90 minutes. The vast majority of my sessions are done over the phone on a recorded line. I request that you participate in the healing by being present, and quietly opening your heart to healing power when I journey. We begin the session with a conversation, then I narrate the journey for you as it unfolds and you listen. Toward the end of the session you will ask any questions you have, to the Spirits, to me, and to your animal (if they are present in the spirit circle). When we are finished we debrief and I explain anything that was unclear. Finally, I send you a recording of the session. Many people get additional insights and healing as they re-listen.

I offer sessions at my home in North Glendale AZ Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm (please - no essential oils or perfumes/colognes.) 

PS: I am not a veterinarian nor a doctor, this is not medical advice or medical treatment. I am not a medical intuitive, I see things metaphorically, and I don’t try to translate what I see into a “diagnosis”. I do try to be very specific anatomically about where I find an energetic “issues” . This can be helpful to your medical team. And I do shamanic healing work on what I find.  We fix what the Spirits say needs fixing, and the healing is always supportive at the least, and sometimes it’s even miraculous!