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Learn Shamanism - Let your Soul Bloom!

Your Power Animals, Spirit Teachers and Ancestors have brought you to the gate. Enter and remember who you truly are. Heal your body and soul, and create your life in a compassionate garden that grows in mirrored harmony with your dreams. Learning Shamanism is one of the most powerful things you can do with your beautiful life. The Spirits are calling all of us to join them, and bring their beauty into the world. 

  1. FREE CLASS: Journey to your Ancestral Tree

  2. Sacred Tree Shamanism and/or 3 Worlds: Intro to Shamanism on demand

  3. Journey Circle and Master Classes

  4. In Depth Intensives: Shamanism for Animals, Full Circle Annual Intensive

Carla’s SHAMANIC HEALING FOR ANIMALS online course was my first exposure to shamanic practice, journeying, the dimensions and worlds of the shamanist, and to healing spiritually with ceremony. It was an amazing adventure over a year’s time. Unlike ‘traditional’ programs that take around two years, Carla’s format required that we meet twice a week for nearly a year. During this time, Carla presented one or two core practices/skills at each session with opportunity to practice, do homework, and explore further, discussing outcomes with classmates, working in teams, and teaching each other with amazing depth of the journeys we took.
Knowing Carla, the year-long class has probably morphed into something else as wonderful. In any shamanic topic, I would recommend Carla as a premier instructor. Her knowledge is extensive, her methods are clearly presented and her classes are truly fun. There is lots of laughter. And importantly, every question I had, and there were a LOT, was addressed. I have since taken classes from other instructors. Carla’s previous instruction made me an advanced student in these classes and gave me such thorough groundwork that I could build on my experiences really well.
Thank you, Carla, for being who you are!
Judy Ramsey, Michigan

Our ZOOM classes are small (6-10 people) so everyone gets personal attention, but big enough to give a range of experience. We are LIVE together in the meeting. I really love this technology. We come from all over the world, and we become close friends. We start with a check in and then I explain the lesson for that week. Each class has at least one, usually two journeys. The classes are really interactive and personal. PDF handouts make the lessons clear, and every class is recorded. The classes are small enough You will make friends for life!

Free Classes

Free Class! Try a Shamanic Journey with Carla

Sacred Roots - Your Ancestral Tree

800-500 Sacred Roots Cover.png

Explore the hidden dimensions of a natural place you know and love, and meet your Ancestral Tree. Following Carla’s instructions you will easily step into your Sacred Space in the other world. Learn to Journey. Connect with a Powerful Spirit - your Ancestral Tree. Begin your shamanic connection. Now you can Journey into your place in nature and meet your Power Animal!

Shamanism is magical. Start your journey today and Welcome Home!

There are 2 ways to get your Introductory Training with SpiritHealer School.

  • Sacred Tree Shamanism - Entering the worlds through your personal portal - Grandmother Sunflower’s preferred way of teaching you to journey. Taught live in Phoenix and on ZOOM.

  • On Demand 3 Worlds Intro to Shamanism - Foundation of Shamanic Studies style training.

Introductory Classes

Sacred Tree Shamanism  

CopyrightAnthony Murphy

Brand new introduction to Shamanism class - a new approach focused on merging with the Spirits and our ancestral tree. Prepare for your adventure in the SpiritHealer Schools classes. Learn a deeper connected way to enter the shamanic realms. Begin your personal initiation into the Connected Flow web of power and light. 

Meeting 1: Merging and Power Animals
Merging is the most important ritual in shamanism. Everything follows from this sacred practice. We begin our journey by merging with our personal gateway and guardian, or Ancestral Tree. Merge, Experience the forest. Call your Power Animal to you. Return and share. Power Animal: Merge and dance at the tree. Bring the merge into your bones and dance in your room. Return to the grove and ask the Power Animal to answer a few simple questions - to learn how they do that.

Meeting 2: Traveling to the Lower World
Find the opening in the tree and enter. Your PA may help you. Describe its interior with all your senses. Ask to meet a compassionate Ancestral Guide who will show you the gateways to the dimensions. Learn to formally connect with guides.  Travel to the upper world dimension: Travel with your guide, then merging with them pass through the portal into the upper world dimension. Explore. Meet a teacher. Connect. Receive a teaching

Meeting 3: The Upper World, and a Personal Healing
You don't need to be a special psychic to talk with the dead. You just need the shamanic journey, your Spirit Allies, and clear intention. It's easiest to start by communicating with other people's relatives and pets, so we will pair up for this journey.  

Meeting 4: Bringing it together with Connected Flow®
Merging with the Sacred Tree allows us to connect to the universal creative life force in a direct way. Connected Flow® healing is easy to learn, and very powerful. We can use it in a journey or hands on. This meeting gives you an overview of the practice. All my classes going forward will integrate Connected Flow, because it has become central to my healing practice, and it WORKS!

This class will amaze you. It is a new approach to entering the shamanic worlds, using merging and the Sacred Tree as the gateway. We go deep in a very short time. (This is my teaching style: fast, clear and powerful). Shamans are bridges to the Spirit world; we hold their power in our bones so they can fix things here on earth. This is a very important job! This class will fully prepare you to enter my Full Circle training. And it will let you know if shamanism, and my teaching style, are right for you. 

Journey Circle

Journey Circle 250x250.png

A ZOOM circle for people who know how to journey. It is a time for us to come together and reconnect, and do collective and individual journey work.  We meet monthly September through May, on ZOOM. You can call in or use the web platform. We usually do a personal journey, and a group journey to explore a topic. Journey circles are Free but we appreciate donations. A $5 donation supports the backend operations.  See events for details.

Intensive Programs

All Our Classes

See the events calendar for the current dates/times

Year Long Intensive


A deep initiation into the healing practices of Core Shamanism, with lessons from the Sidhe, Dragons, the Cosmos, and more. Your Compassionate Spirit Ancestors will personally teach you healing practices as ancient as your bones. Your life will expand as you travel intra-dimensionally, remembering who you are and being healed with wisdom and truth. 

Learn Extraction. Soul Retrieval. Power Retrieval. Healing with Nature. Working with Ancestors. Holding Deep Strong Intention to become a Powerful Bridge to Spirits. Merging with Spirits. Expanding Far Beyond your Limits and Dreams.  You will learn to perform shamanic healing on yourself and your community, including friends and animals. There are no limits to what you can learn, and become. We will cover an incredible amount of ground because our world has sped up. What took years and years for me to learn, I can share with you in a very quick time. 

Each month has 4 meetings on a ZOOM webinar.  Depending on demand, we could also have a section of live classes in Phoenix/Scottsdale.

The preparation for this class is knowing how to journey into the upper and lower worlds, in close connection with your Power Animals and Spirit Teachers. You can gain this training through Sacred Tree Shamanism, or 3 Worlds: Introduction to Shamanism. If you have taken a weekend workshop in Introductory Shamanism, you are ready. 

Compassionate Spirits initiate you with healing, wisdom and truth 

The classes will build, teaching you healing techniques for all the common situations I see in my practice: chronic and acute illness, soul loss, helping animals and people transition and cross, connecting to the ancestors, working with the Sidhe, deep merging with Spirit Allies, and much more. There will be powerful initiations that will bring your mind, body and soul into alignment with the Spirits who are your true teachers and guides. 

My daily work is grounded in the techniques of Core Shamanism I learned from Micheal Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (beginning in 1986). It has expanded to embrace the mystical worlds of the Celts, my ancestors, who have painstakingly taught me their "signature" techniques: Spiral in Time Healing, Shamanic Soul Gardening, and Dragon Magic. We will introduce you to my signature shamanic practices in the core program. There are masterclasses that go into these in depth, which you can take as they are offered, during or after your core program. 

Each month has 4 meetings: 36 meetings over the course of 10 months. All ZOOM classes are recorded, so no need to worry if you have to miss now and then.

I am asking you to commit to the full nine months, so our circle can grow and bond together for the full ride. Each month is $275. You can register by paying for the first and last month ($550). If you want to pay for the whole thing upfront you get one month for free. ($2200) . 

I love the magic that the Spirits grace us with - the incredible healing, the awakenings, and the ongoing encyclopedia of knowledge they impart with each journey. We will all grow immensely! Welcome aboard! 

The Agenda:

Module 1: Connecting with Spirits’ Power

Calling in the circle: Spirit Allies for the client and for yourself

Honoring and Merging:  Connecting through Dance and Song

Shamanic Tools for Healing: drums, rattles, costumes, Spirit-gifted tools

Initiation: Entering the Gateway

Module 2:  The Core Shamanic Healing Protocol

Overview of the core steps in shamanic healing: Diagnosis - Extraction - Power Infusion - Standing Witness

Extraction in depth: Standing witness. Using your shamanic tool, in journey and hands on. 

Power Infusion: Spirit’s direct healing, and retrieval from 3 domains - plants, stars, earth

Merged healing - In both realities - using tools

Module 3:  Sacred Places and Spirits of Nature

Purposeful Spirits and Power Animal retrieval

Sacred trees and plants

Working with Spirits of places

Singing Journey / Co-Journey: Carry others into your journey in real time. 

Module 4: Soul Retrieval

Recognizing soul loss. 

Soul retrieval techniques 

Considerations and integration

Ceremony: Cord Cutting Ceremony

Module 4: The Afterlife and Psychopomp 

Communication and healing with an animal or relative who has crossed

Preparing animals and people for crossing

Psychopomp: Escorting the dead

More on this vast subject

Module 5: Resolving Problems with Shamanism

Centaurs - Shielding and protection when you when you need it most

Working Magic - Ordinary reality dilemmas and protection from authority

Dismembering an impossible situation

Being your personal best: Shamanic mediation and cultivating gratitude 

Module 6: Spiral in Time

Sacred Center:  Spiral teacher, sacred ground and the Middle Spiral

Upper Spiral: The Star Gate and the Upper Spiral and the Cosmos

The Lower Spiral: Our genetic heritage carried in our bones

Working with the Full Ceremony

Module 7: The Sidhe and Divination

The ABC Divination journey

Your personal library, exploring your own history and meeting an historical figure

Divination or Language? The Card Deck of the Sidhe

Journeying to the spirits of your favorite divination tool

Module 8: Dragon Magic

The village and your Dragon Master

The energetic mirrored web - Earth, Cosmos and Us.

Dragon eggs

Working with Dragons in an ongoing way

Module 9: Cultivating and Expanding your Growth

Shamanic Soul Gardening Introduction

Cosmic Exploration - Journeying through a Black Hole

Your Teachable Techniques

Closing Ceremony

Live Retreats

BumbleBee Retreat

2020 dates:  April 2-5  (we gather Thursday evening, April 2, we begin Friday morning, and close Sunday at noon)

I am developing this year's program right now. It will involve deep work with the Sidhe and the Spirits who support us on the ranch. These Spirits are powerful! They fended off a wildfire this spring. They are bringing in lost wandering souls and crossing them to the light. They are organizing Arizona, bringing more circles together, and building our healing power. I will post a blog notice as soon as I have our agenda and theme in order.

Every year we do some hands on work for the ranch horses, and this year we are going to have extra fun -  on Saturday we will be volunteering on the ranch with a large group of special needs kids. I will bring my horses for pony rides.

Carla Meeske – Your Lead Guide

When you make Shamanism part of your life, you are inviting the Compassionate Spirits to support you, guide you and heal you. I, Carla, will be your facilitator and leader, but your Spirit team is in charge of your personal path to wisdom.

Our classes are dynamic and transformational. I combine my innovation in shamanic work with clear instruction to bring you a remarkable experience, no matter if you are on the phone, in a workshop, or using recorded media. My 10 years of professional educational experience at University of Oregon give my classes structure and clarity, and my extensive experience leading shamanic classes allows me to keep us on track, and at the same time explore the edges of the shamanic dimensions and share our diverse experiences. You will succeed in your quest to experience the wonders of Shamanism. Carla’s Bio