Welcome to our Learn to Journey on-demand class

Your magical path into shamanism begins with entering the middle world and connecting with your power animal. Journeying is easy when you are instructed with clear steps. You will step into the other world as easily as a child slips into their favorite imaginary land. I promise this class is a fun way to begin your quest into shamanism. The Shamanism Introduction Series is your gateway into the SpiritHealer School Training Program.

This lesson features:

  • A video of the full hour of a prerecorded class

  • An MP3 audio of the class if you prefer just to listen

  • A downloadable course manual PDF

  • A stand alone MP3 recording to guide you on your first journey

  • MP3s of drumming for you to use for your personal journeys

This class is an older version of the first episode in 3 Worlds: Intro to Shamanism


Start here:

Download the PDF Manual:  This book explains everything we cover in class, and it gives suggestions for further journeys you can do on your own. This is the document that says it all!  Right click to download it now, or click to open in a new window

VIDEO:  The video is the complete lesson featuring Kate, Karla, and me on audio, with the slideshow images. Click on the little square in the bottom of the movie frame and a new window will open with the movie in a bigger frame. You cannot download this movie.

In-class Journey AUDIO : This is an audio version of the journey from the class in the video:

AUDIO:  Maybe you don’t want to have to watch a movie – you would rather just download the sound file. This MP3 is a different class than in the video. You can listen to it for more perspective. Here you go! Listen here:


Drumming for your Journeys

10 minute drumming with call back. Listen here:

20 minute drumming with call back

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