Entering the Middle World

Introduction to Shamanism Lesson 1

This lesson features:

A video of the full hour of a prerecorded class
An MP3 audio of the class if you prefer just to listen
A downloadable course manual PDF
A stand alone MP3 recording to guide you on your first journey
MP3s of drumming for you to use for your personal journeys


Start by opening the Manual

Click on the PDF Manual:  This book explains everything we cover in class, and it gives suggestions for further journeys you can do on your own. This is the document that says it all!

Then watch the video


The video is the complete lesson featuring Kate, Karla, and me on audio, with the slideshow images. PASSWORD: spirithealer


Download the slideshow HERE:


Here is an audio version of the class, that you can download, or listen to right here. This MP3 is a different class than in the video. You can listen to it for more perspective. Listen here:

Here is a stand alone audio for the in class journey. Use this when you are ready to take your shamanic journey.You can use this MP3 to practice or repeat the in class Journey


Drumming for your Journeys

10 minute drumming with call back. Listen here:

20 minute drumming with call back. Listen here: