Power Animals

Introduction to Shamanism Lesson 2

Congratulations on your middle world experience. You now have expanded your imagination, handed the reins to the Compassionate Spirits, and begun your fantastic journey into the world right next to your nose! In this class we focus on deepening our connection to our power animals. For some, this mean figuring out how our Power Animal is. For others it means merging with them, and experiencing the world through their eyes. Whatever it is for you, it is perfect. Here are the files you will find in this lesson. There are actually two recordings of classes that you can review – the first is a video and the second is an audio only MP3. There are also PDFs and Mp3s of drumming.


This book explains everything we cover in class, and it gives suggestions for further journeys you can do on your own.


To download – right click on the image and choose file save (or something similar). To open in new window – left click.


  Password: love

Download the slideshow HERE


This MP3 is a different class than in the video. It features a group of bright fun women. You can listen to it for more perspective. You can download the file by hovering over the upper right corner of the window.


Drumming for your Journeys

10 minute drumming with call back. Listen here:


20 minute drumming with call back. Listen here: