Simple Animal Communication

Introduction to Shamanism Lesson 3

The shamanic journey is a direct line to communicating with animals. Now that you have gotten your feet on the ground in the middle world, guided and protected by your Power Animal, you are ready to communicate with a living animal using the shamanic journey. Your power animal connects you to the animal, and then augments and clarifies information you receive. This class will give you your first taste of spirit based communication, where you exchange thoughts and information with a living animal. We do this using the shamanic journey, and the supporting influence of our Power Animal. This is not telepathic communication, although the results are very similar. This is shamanic animal communication, using the shamanic journey to enter the world of communication, and partnering with our Power Animal to facilitate a true and clear connection to the animal with whom we are communicating. We set up the first communication so that you won’t know much at all in advance about the animal you are speaking with. The closer you can get to the “double blind” way of trying the journey, the better you will like it – for your first experience that is. We want you to not confuse yourself by thinking you are making up the information you are getting. So we ask that you start with as little information as possible. You can even journey to one of the animals the people are sharing on the recordings, as through you were there with them in class. Or you can ask a friend to share the basic with you about one of their animals, and speak with them. You will see what I mean as you get into the recordings and materials.

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This book explains everything we cover in class, and it gives suggestions for further journeys you can do on your own.


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Drumming for your Journeys

10 minute drumming with call back. Listen here:

20 minute drumming with call back