Upper World

Introduction to Shamanism Lesson 4

It is time to explore the Upper World of non-ordinary reality. Guided by your power animal, you will venture into the world of heavenly light and energetic beauty. You will find a sacred healing place where you can go for personal renewal, and you will meet new Spirit friends along the way.

Here are the files you will find in this lesson. There are actually two recordings of classes that you can review – the first is a video and the second is an audio only MP3. The movie shows the slide show along with sound recording of 2 brilliant women taking the class, Kate and Karla, with comments from the larger group edited in. The MP3 (Version 2) is a recording of a class with a larger group of people, with a wider variety of previous experience. You can watch/listen to either one or both, whatever pleases you! They both cover the same concepts, but each version has interesting fresh information and insight.There are also PDFs and Mp3s of drumming:


Video Password: love

Download the slideshow HERE


This book explains everything we cover in class, and it gives suggestions for further journeys you can do on your own.


To download – right click on the image or link and choose file save (or something similar). To open in new window – left click.


The MP3 is a different class featuring a group of bright fun women. You can listen to it for more perspective.Hover over the upper right corner of the embedded window to download this audio file.


Drumming for your Journeys

10 minute drumming with call back. Listen here:


20 minute drumming with call back. Listen here: