Dragons: Sacred & Creative Power

Your Shamanic Dragon is the child of Naga, the sacred serpent at the heart of Mother Earth, and the Cosmic Serpent, exploding from the center of every iota of the heavens. Dragon knows that you are born from these things too. Your Dragon knows who you are, and what you are capable of. The dragon you meet is real, and the power he brokers is real. 

Dragons are immensely wise. They know who they are. It is an awesome thing to be in their presence. It is not a fantasy game. Dragons show us the forces that drive all of nature - especially human nature. We approach them with the deepest reverence. 

Dragons understand shadow; and working with them means coming into an empowered relationship with our own shadow side. The dragon's wing is the veil between the worlds. 

Dragon’s wing is the shimmering portal on the surface of everything. We can work with dragon to enter the energetic world beneath our hands. Beneath our feet. Right on the other side of everything.

Our Dragon Course: 

We will begin our education by physically merging with Naga, allowing our bodies to remember their life force source. And then our mission starts: following an ancient pathway, we enter a sacred village and meet a real dragon master - our personal teacher who will prepare us and show us the way. An initiation is in order. 

We will be introduced to our dragon, learn our role, and go on mission! Missions will be for our personal lives, and to support dragons in their work. 

We will be gifted with a dragon egg, which we will nurture until it is ready to hatch. And then we will birth our new chapter, rich and full of life. 

We will learn to get dragon-powered seeds for our soul gardens. These seeds are strong medicine, and create supercharged changes in our lives. 

And finally we will come full circle and learn to work with dragon in our bodies, as healing forces for our shamanic work and for hands on therapies and healing. 

See the CALENDAR for all upcoming Dragons course dates

Western Mythology and Dragons

In Western Mythology dragons and wizards are all about magic, knowledge and power. These stories come from the truth that dragons are the shimmering surface of the world, they know who they are, and they understand shadow. They are the brokers of destruction, and the givers of healing breath.  The wizard becomes a dragon master to both wield the dragon's power, and to protect society from their anger and rampant destruction. They are like the rawest form of nature - especially human nature. They are very middle world. These are the dragons in our mythology, our TV shows, role playing and video games. But are these the dragons that we work with? Sometimes, but not always. We are very careful to ask for connection to only sacred compassionate beings who will bring us into healing harmony and balance, and who serve the world for goodness, love and grace. You will find out the truth about Dragon, and maybe even some truths about the nature of our human world. 

More on Naga

Naga is the sacred serpent in the heart of the earth. She comes in many forms, and is recognized my many traditions. Asian cultures are rich with Naga stories, art and "worship". Wikipedia Link

One of the oldest sites in North America is the Serpent Mound in Ohio, where the serpent shape, with an egg in its mouth, aligns with the solstice and the stars. Wikipedia Link

The shaman knows that serpent is all about the link between the life giving breath of the stars, and the earth's supporting womb. Some even speculate that DNA is an implant from cosmic beings. (I personally think  we earth beings are amazingly creative, and our DNA could have sparked right here.)