Shamanic Soul Gardening Courses

The Shamanic Soul Garden is our parallel universe where we nurture our dreams and manifest them in our ordinary reality lives.

I use the Shamanic Soul Garden as a template for building all sorts of magic into life - for inspiring action, creating new vision, healing issues and developing community. 

The Shamanic Soul Garden is your life in another dimension. Not a metaphor, but a real energetic place that can be nurtured to create the life (and word) you really want co-created with Spirits. The Shamanic Soul Garden is where you can heal your old wounds, set clear intentions for your dreams and then manifest them in your life. Using the shamanic journey we will enter our garden, compost the ideas and habits that no longer serve us, and root our new lives in our heart-true principles. The garden has sections for every aspect of our lives. There are infinite possibilities for creating the life of your dreams, guided by spirit and nurtured by the fairies. 

The garden goes beyond "traditional" manifesting techniques, where you align yourself with your highest intentions and recruit Spirit's support. We do that too - but we bring in the power of Dragons, and magic of Fairies. The work is mysterious and unfolding. I don't know how it works. But I do know that it does work!


Many of my topical workshops use the Shamanic Soul Garden as a framework for general shamanic work and healing. You do not need to have experience in the soul garden to take these workshops. I will guide you through what you need to know to do the work. 

The workshops below will give you an in depth understanding of Shamanic Soul Gardening, so that you can create magic in your life and world inspired with the compassionate spirits wisdom, and super charged with the conviction of dragon's power. 

See the CALENDAR for all upcoming Soul Gardening course dates