3 Worlds: Intro to Shamanism Course

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3 worlds Final (1).png

3 Worlds: Intro to Shamanism Course


Learn to journey into the 3 Spirit realms with your Power Animal. Meet your Spirit Teacher, and retrieve a Power Animal for a friend. Welcome home! Join a prerecorded class to learn along side 5 women as they discover their shamanic prowess and meet their Spirit Guides.

Upon purchase you will see a link to download a PDF (you will also be emailed the link). DOWNLOAD and SAVE this PDF called3 WORLDS ACCESS INFORMATION “.

What’s Included in your class:

3 Video Classes - each 90 minutes long
Beautiful 20 page PDF instructional guide
20 Minute drumming MP3 for your ongoing journey adventures

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Join a class of 5 women as they learn to journey into the 3 Spirit Worlds. Meet your Power Animals and Teachers, and learn to retrieve a Power Animal for someone else. The recordings are from an actual class that met on our Zoom conference system. You can see each person, and learn from them as they share their real time experiences. Journeying is really quite easy, especially when you are in the group energy of the circle - and even though this is a recording, in shamanic world, the circle is still vibrant and current.

This class will prepare you to join our monthly Journey Circle, take all our classes, and enter the 9 Month Intensive. You are on your way!

Begin your Magical Journey, guided by your Spirit's love

 This 3 part series gives you the foundation to enter all of SpiritHealer School’s classes, including our 9 month intensive. Confidently travel with your Spirit Guides on Shamanic Journeys into the Spirit Realms.   Engage in the mysteries through your own personal shamanic experience! Shamanic journeying will change your world.

  • Three 90 minute video webinar recordings. Journey along with the circle. As they share their journey experiences, you will get context for understanding your own journeys. You are not alone!

  • Beautiful PDF book with detailed written descriptions.

  • MP3 of drumming that you can use for all your personal journey experiences.