Exploring Shamanic Power

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Exploring Shamanic Power


In this four part series you will explore foundation activities I perform regularly in my shamanic healing practice.

Learn to Journey into the 3 Worlds with your Power Animal and Teacher. Experience compassionate healing in your own personal Sacred Circle under the protection and guidance of your Spirit Allies. First for yourself, and next for a guest you bring into your sacred circle. We finish our series with one of the most sweetest journeys: crossing the bridge to communicate with a deceased loved one.

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Meets weekly for 4 weeks (at scheduled day and time - see event heading) 

Shamanic work is broad with infinite possibilities for healing and discovery. Some of the Spirits we work with are as ancient as the universe, and their knowledge is beyond our human dreams. But don't let the vastness overwhelm you. In this three part series you will explore three activities I perform regularly in my shamanic healing practice.

Experience healing in your own personal healing space, connected to your core Spirit Allies. You will stand witness to a complete shamanic healing, performed by your Spirit Allies, at your intentional request. And you will communicate with a deceased loved one. 

Each class is 1.5 hours long, and is held on ZOOM video webinar. You can simply call in by phone if you prefer. You will receive a lovely handout with step by step instructions for every journey. If you need to miss a meeting, no worries. Each session is recorded. 

Meeting 1: Spirit Allies and your Sacred Circle
Discover your Spirit Allies in the upper and lower world, and find a sacred circle where you can receive guidance and healing. You will receive a personal healing from your Spirit Allies, in your sacred circle. 

Meeting 2: Perform a Shamanic Healing
Your role will be to hold the intention for the healing, and stand witness to your Spirit Allies power. The Spirits will work in the sacred circle you discovered in the first week. We will perform healing's for each other, or for each other's animals.

Meeting 3: Communicate with a Loved One's Spirit
You don't need to be a special psychic to talk with the dead. You just need the shamanic journey, your Spirit Allies, and clear intention. It's easiest to start by communicating with other people's relatives and pets, so we will pair up for this journey.  

Meeting 4: Bringing it all together
We will practice what we learned and share our most profound experiences from the class. 

This class will amaze you. We go deep in a very short time. (This is my teaching style: fast, clear and powerful). Shamans are bridges to the Spirit world; we hold their power in our bones so they can fix things here on earth. This is a very important job, and these three meetings will give you a strong start. The key is to allow the Spirits to do the work.  I will show you how, in very simple terms. 

This class will fully prepare you to enter my Full Circle training. And it will let you know if shamanism, and my teaching style, are right for you.