Focused Session


Focused Session


Shorter sessions that are perfect when you have a simpler question or a more focused issue. For you or your animal, the Compassionate Spirits can give deep healing in minutes when our intention is honed.

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"Wow! This was an awesome reading!! Profound! Incredible! As always, your Gift is so comforting and beautiful, and so healing."

If you have a single issue or intention that we can zero in on, the 20 minute session is a great choice. This session can be for you or your animal. This session can cover any simple focused intention you like. This is perfect for Power Animal retrieval, focused healing on a specific issue, energy healing, simple animal communication including communicating with deceased animals. While many sessions actually stay at 20 minutes, many need more time. You can order 2 twenty minute blocks for $120.

Short sessions are not appropriate for embedded trauma, soul retrieval or deep clearing work – that takes more time.  We can be together on the phone, or send your request and I will work you in and send you the recording. If you need help narrowing your intention I can do that with you when we get together on the phone or when I reply to your email.  

Ordering and Scheduling:

Click the PURCHASE button and we will find the best time for you. I am happy to help you at your convenience, mornings, evening and weekends. We will figure it out.

You can also check the On-Line Schedule - one step book and pay If you want a weekday 8am - 4pm pacific time session.

How to prepare me for your session – email me, or tell me on the order form:

1) Who this session is for: the animal’s name, sex and description. Or if it is for you, a brief description of you! Include a picture please if you can.

2)  Tell me what the focused issue is you want help with. Or what you want to learn.

3) If you want to meet on Skype, then please have Skype send me a friend request:  “carlameeske” . Phone is fine BTW.

4) At the appointed time, Skype me or call my cell (623-776-6922). We say hello, then if we are on the phone, I call you back on a recorded line. When we are complete I upload the MP3 to a server and send you the link.

* For animal focused sessions you do not need to be on the call. You can just email me the information and I will do the session and send you the file.