Full Healing Session

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Full Healing Session


A full service shamanic healing session, appointment up to 90 minutes, for people and/or animals. Body and soul healing, deep clearings, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval. Relieve suffering pain from abuse, trauma or injury. 

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Ordering and Scheduling:

Click the PURCHASE button and we will find the best time for you. I am happy to help you at your convenience, mornings, evening and weekends. We will figure it out.

You can also check the On-Line Schedule - one step book and pay If you want a weekday 8am - 4pm pacific time session.

Call my cell (623-776-6922) at the appointment time. We say hello, have a little chat, then I call you back on a recorded line. When we are complete I upload the MP3 to a server and send you the link.

Restore your power, heal your soul. Shamanism is the original medicine. Phone sessions are recorded. Write me an email explaining what your request is for, and when you would like to have your session. I am very flexible and can accommodate you. We can focus on you, your animal, or both. These sessions very in time, according to what the spirits say, and how much conversation we have. But they are typically an hour, and can go as long as 90 minutes, especially for personal session. 

"Thank you for an incredible session today! Magical, every second of it, and so very healing. I felt transformed immediately ...Can’t wait to listen to the journey again"


This will give you some idea of what to expect in an animal focused or a personal session, but the distinctions can be blurred. The spirits can work on both of you in the same session. Often we share an issue with an animal – since we live in the same energetic field. I often find it helpful to bring both of you into my sacred circle, and have the spirits address the fabric of the issue from many dimensions.

Full Healing Sessions appointments last typically 60-90 minutes. We will likely be on the phone together on a recorded line.  (You may also come to my home in North Phoenix). You will hear the session live, and ask immediate follow up questions. We begin with my learning your concerns, then I do the journey, then we discuss what we learned.

At the beginning of every session I call in the Compassionate Spirits who are important to my work, and who are connected to the client. Then I bring my client(s) into a scared circle in non-ordinary reality, where they are greeted by Grandmother Sunflower, my leading Teacher. She makes the client comfortable, and we begin our session focused on the intentions we have set together. At the end of the session we debrief, and I send you an MP3 of the entire session.