Shamanism for Animals

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Shamanism for Animals

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Shamanism for Animals: 12 sessions

This course is both a training in core Shamanic Healing practices with animals as the subjects, and an overview of the methodology I use to communicate with animals and Spirits in general - both living and on the other side. It will give you solid skills in shamanic journeying, a strong connection with your spirit guides and an amazing portal into the spiritual lives of our animal friends. You will learn animal communication that is similar to telepathic style communication, but goes one step farther. Your spirit teachers will work to fix the problems with powerful shamanic healing work, right then and there! The spirits may offer advice to the humans as well. You will also learn to support the transition process, and help people and their animals when they are hurting the most, and need your loving care.

  • Shamanic Journeying and Animal Communication - 4 sessions

  • Core Shamanic Healing for Animals - 4 sessions

  • Animals and the Afterlife - 4 sessions

Cost: 12 weeks/24 hours of training. $250 per month for 3 months. Prepay in advance for $100 discount ($650 total). Also included will be an animal healing clinic during the last month so you can practice on community animals.

Schedule: Thursday 8-10 am Starting Sept 19. Running weekly through early December. We can be flexible and make the times and days meet the needs of everyone. All classes are recorded.

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