Denise's Husband

When I asked him how it felt he stated "as soon as I walked out of Carla's house I just knew the cancer was gone, so I never thought about it again"... I wanted to give you an update to celebrate!  My husband went to the specialist and wouldn't you know ........ they can't find anything in his mouth! The same doctor who carried on about all the cancer treatments [because he saw evidence of …

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Thanks for the great weekend.  Couple of quick things: I had asked for healing for my daughter during the spiral work.  My daughter had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and the doctor took her off some of her medications.  He said it appears she no longer needs them…

I also want to relate the message I received in the spiral:

It was everything and it was nothing

The world was veiled and the world was unveiled….

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I just wanted to let you both know how very grateful I am to have learned the skills I have through your classes.  Loki's passing was peaceful, as predicted, and so very fast I almost couldn't assimilate it.  To be able to know Loki's wishes (and have them corroborated), to be able to see what she had to look forward to, and to know that this was her plan all along... it all meant so very much to …

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Late October---we are/were very much missing our dear Toy Fox Terrier,Paco, that looked so much like Ike--(he had to be put down after a long struggle with many health problems just before I called you---he had been on many drugs and attacked and killed his long time friend Walter the female cockatiel who was 22 years old---we lost them both in the same week). Anyway----amazingly …

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Over the last week, I have seen wonderful improvement with Kaya. She is up and exploring the house, and very excited about going out on the porch with me (a place that used to terrify her!) She is still shy, but it isn't crippling her like it was before. She seems very at peace with being the observer in the corner. There is a sparkle in her eyes that wasn't there before! She even played a little …

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