Amàra is a sweet kitty who is incredibly connected to Spirit, a true teacher! Last year something really terrible happened: she was severely tortured and came home trailing her hind legs. She had burns on her face, all along her back and tail. Her legs had apparently been tied and were without circulation for so long that they lost “life”. The vet was shocked and thought we should put her to sleep but we agreed on asking for a second opinion the next day. Unfortunately Amara was so shocked, hurting and I was so desperate that I wasn’t really giving her the support she needed, so she decided to leave home that night (I was on the floor next to her, but at 4am I fell asleep and she took off).

I paniced ! Thinking of my furbaby, with all those open wounds outside in the rain… I just couldn’t bear it. I looked for her for 28 days, walking around the neighborhood calling out her name. I was exausted… but that was the right time to hear the true words of a special friend who said: please hold her in a place of peace and love. If she feels you are desperate, it will not help her. How right she was, yet how difficult it was. But, nevertheless it felt so true and I was able to change attitude.

During all the time she was away, I had many people around the world sending healing and love to her. Some said that she probably went off to die, like animals do, and because I really didn’t want her suffering, I was ready to let go. I would talk to her and tell her that if she was in Spirit I needed a sign to know that she was alright. No signs.
Animal communicators tried to make contact with her, but they couldn’t figure out if she was still alive. One of my friends told me that she knew that her cat that had passed, was watching over her. I realized how, during a moment of need, I was surrounded with open hearted people ready to give a hand (most of them didn’t even know me!). How lucky I was!
After hearing about shamanic animal communication, I decided to give that a try too. This is how I met Carla. She did a shamanic journey and asked Spirit to tell Amara to let me know that she was ok. The next day …. Amara came home! The look in her eyes had completely changed! She went straight into the kitchen and after a good meal she “demanded” cuddles for 2 days non stop! Her wounds were much better and nobody could believe the healing that had occured. The “open” wound along all of her back had healed and the scar was nearly invisible. How could that be? No stitches, no vets, no medicines…. ahhhh.. but Spirit was at work!
Unfortunately her hind legs were still very bad (they had “died” half way up”) and she had lost her tail. How on earth did she walk home, I thought? I called Carla to let her know that Amara had come home and she did a healing journey for her. It was amazing…during the journey, Amàra asked if all of her friends that had had similar wounds, which she met during that time, could be healed too. This shows how big her heart is!! Carla and her Spirits had a major healing session to do! Carla told me that she would be able to use her legs again, not like before, but she would adapt. Amara even forgave the people that did it. Carla also said that during the month that she was away, Amara was not alone. There was a “tiger cat” taking care of her. (It turned out that my friend’s cat, who was supposed to be watching over Amara, had a nickname and it was: Tiger cat! ). The Spirits performed an incredible healing and I could see Amara heal day by day.
How amazing! Amara was out in the woods for one month (and it rained for the whole time!) with incredible wounds, traumatized, no food … and was able to heal with Spirit’s help! I’m also sure that it was Spirit that led me to find Carla!

When the vet saw her, he thought that the only solution was to amputate both her hind legs. How could I decide to do something like that? So I told Amàra that she was to decide and that I would accept any choice she made. I trusted that Spirit would keep on “leading the way”.
A decision had to be made quickly… I looked at Amara’s legs once again and I knew that the part that was dead couldn’t get better. In fact on one leg, the end part was nearly falling off… What could I do? Knowing that I was guided by Spirit, I decided to go to another vet, who is famous for operations and ask him to perform the amputation that was needed.
I told Amara about the operation but I got the feeling that she wasn’t listening at all! So I told her the story again and again. (I’m sure she was thinking: why is she telling me the same thing over and over again???).
On the way to the vet, I was still feeling so calm, unbelievably! Amara slept during the whole journey…and she usually cries her head off if I take her someplace in the car!
The vet could not believe that she ran away for a month and that all the healing that occured was because of her. Then he looked at her legs and said: I can’t do it, I’m sorry… I was starting to panic… but then he went on and said: This might shock you and I have never said anything like this before, but I feel I have to tell you that Mother Nature is doing a better job than I could ever do! My vet was talking about Mother Nature? How was that possible…not from him…the world renowned vet for his operations? My very conventional italian vet? He kept apologizing for saying such a “strange thing” (he said)! But he didn’t know that the words he said meant so much more: another miracle! So he added that because of the way Amara was able to heal, he would let her finish off her great work and we could go home. (hey… and without a medicine either!!)
What a miracle! So incredible and so inspiring!
Now I know why I got the card with “Miraculous healing” when I picked a card for Amara:))

Amara has now healed and when on the carpet, she can walk on all fours. The hind legs are shorter that the front ones but she still does what she wants. We go on walks in the woods together and instead of jumping like cats do… she climbs with her front legs and pulls herself up! When she goes outside and the ground is hard, she lifts her hind legs and walks on her front legs! She’s amazing.
But the best part is her attitude. Not for one day have I felt that she is feeling sorry for herself. She lives life as it comes to her and with such a positive attitude. Talking about truly living in the now! What a teacher! Can you imagine how a human would have probably dealt with something like this? She’s just a wise and happy soul… enjoying what life gives her everyday. We have so much to learn…. and I’m so grateful she is in my life! She is a living miracle, teaching us about the power of living in the now and the power of forgiveness…

Now we know how shamanic work is so important… and how it reconnects us back to Nature and Spirit… the place where animals live in everyday:)

All my love,