Remember Anaco!! what eventful  l life, the poor dear. Her front paw was getting on fine with the operation, where they fixed an inner plate to straighten the leg,(December) in spite of the fact they knew that ,though she had recovered muscle tone, there was no feeling at all in that leg.; But after the op., as she still took no notice of it(lack of feeling) she tended to drag it around and double it up still, and so rub off the skin in places, so they felt another op was necessary (poor dear) to correct the placing of the inner “ferule” , and operated in March….with such very bad luck, that,  as she came around from the anesthetic afterwards, and leapt happily from the recovery cage, someone opened the connecting door, the same paw was caught in the door hinge and very badly damaged. It was then they had to amputate. I can’t tell you how we all felt at this poor puss having to yet again go back to the operating table. She is the very bravest and lovingest thing you can imagine. After a few worrying weeks(more us worrying   than she herself!) Paqui, her new Mum has her as you see here, happy, well recovered and as a miracle, not seeming to be at all fazed…

Paqui has written to tell me:

Anaca is stupendous.A few days ago they took out the last stitches and the wound is quite well- covered, so I am sending you a few photos…I was waiting to send them till the wound was completely healed but as you see here, it is fine already- And also you see she gets up on the kitchen top easily, plays all day with the little friend, and I wish you could see her climb the stairs, this girl stands on her hind legs and waits to smack the little dog (friendly pug) as he comes up the stairs. To sum up, she is areal “pearl!” Thank you for keeping interested in Anaco, I am sure the good vibrations and loving thoughts of you and your Shaman friend have been such a help because Anaco has recovered so well, the vet is amazed.  She is fast on her paws and acts really as if she had been born with only 3. Which really, in fact is what happened.

Much love to you Carla, bless you for all you are doing for these dear animals!

Adrienne (in Málaga)