In SHL1, as part of our pratice and assihgnments, we were asked to retrieve a power animal for a companion.  I did a journey for my cat, a black/white tux girl, Clara.  I do not know if I posted the experience, but I found the doc and will happily post again if you all wish me to.  Just tell me.  I’ll do it.

Anyway, I did the journey to retrieve her PA.  He did a healing and then attached to her.  I have, over the past few weeks noticed her surrounded by an air ofobservation as though she is re-learning to be a cat.  As you may or may not know ( i can’t recall what I have shared), Clara started life with dog people and was treated like a dog with dominance and isolation correction training.  As a result, she is terrified of fly swatters and of being confined in any way, especially a crate as she was crated any time she was bad, which was much of her first year of life.  She postively panics if you try to scruff her and will send a person to the hospital without hesitation.  That’s just the start.

I have known since getting her that she had many issues.  Most of the people who come into the household don’t like her because she wishes to dominate the situation by clinging to me and without hesitation will growl, bite, swipe at and damage anyone who tries to just pat her once on her back.  They don’t take it personally but they don’t like that she doesn’t give them a chance,but will stuff her nose up my nostril and will knock my glasses off as she positively showers me with love and attention.  I have always been the only one who could touch her.

I have had her two years and this is how she has always been with me.

As mentioned earlier, I retrieved a power animal for her.  The journey was wonderful, with a particularily disgusting healing and the joining of a new teacher for Clara, someone who can teach her cat-like ways, a lovely black leopard.

I have been aching to share with you that Clara has turned around so many odd little behaviours in favor of some gentle acceptance of others’ attention.  Throughout the holiday season, she allowed every single person who came into the house, to gently pet her several time before twitching her tail in warning.  Simply giving warning is a huge thing for her.  She never used to.  She has calmed around me, is not as aggressively friendly as before.  She is patient more, as when I have something in my lap I cannot move (like this beloved laptop), and while she still knocks my glasses off as she makes an offering of cat snot across my face, she relaxes quicker and curls up next to me more often.  Clara voluntarily rubbed her body against many peoples’ legs!!!!  She has NEVER allowed this acceptance of others.  Never!  And, (I have proof!)  she has made two friends she enjoys spending time with in our colony/pack.  I have photos of her with Cricket, sharing the new dog bed.  She was wary at first, but she soon stretched out and lightly placed a paw on Cricket’s calmly breathing rib cage.  They curled up “near” each other for over an hour. her other new friend, of all choices, is Chang!  She and Chang have shared my lap numerous times over the past week.  And I have caught them playing tag quite a bit lately.

It is a difference as vivid as night and day.  Within hours, Clara exhibited a shift.  And since this began, I have seen her visibly relax and become explorative, questioning and accepting of things she simply couldn’t face in the past.  Instead of seeing every single approach as a challenge or a need to defend, she is waiting and learning more before she decided what she wants to do about it.

Hm…Maybe her whole cosmology is shifting as well as some other beings I am aware of!

I am intensely proud of her, and I know it is because of the Power Animal Retrieval I did for her.  Thank you, Carla for enabling us to make such amazing differences for our loved ones with your guidance and the Spirits’ teachings!