Over the last week, I have seen wonderful improvement with Kaya. She is up and exploring the house, and very excited about going out on the porch with me (a place that used to terrify her!) She is still shy, but it isn’t crippling her like it was before. She seems very at peace with being the observer in the corner. There is a sparkle in her eyes that wasn’t there before! She even played a little with me the other day, and all my previous attempts at imitating ‘play-bows’ used to frighten her off. One of my good friends came to visit us this last weekend and before I mentioned anything to her she commented on how happy and different Kaya seemed! She has also been much more amenable to the short leash on sidewalks. She used to pull against me as hard as possible before, and while she still has her moments, she is staying much closer now. What a relief!

The session is incredibly complex and interesting. I am glad to have the information and know that I will continue to listen to it and learn from it.  We are both very grateful to you for doing this work. I am sure it has changed Kaya’s life.