Late October—we are/were very much missing our dear Toy Fox Terrier,Paco, that looked so much like Ike–(he had to be put down after a long struggle with many health problems just before I called you—he had been on many drugs and attacked and killed his long time friend Walter the female cockatiel who was 22 years old—we lost them both in the same week).

Anyway—-amazingly I was driving to work and was still lin our neighborhood area–was driving slow and it was still dark, early morning.  A little dog jumped up in my headlights and it seemed to be trying to stop the car.  So I stopped–she was a black miniature pinscher–lost.  We had the chip checked–never registered and we notified many vets and shelters–put up flyers–never a response.  She looks like the Toy Fox terrier–except for her different color and is definitely her own unique personality. She seemed like a gift midst the loss and also the connection with IKE.  Walter and Paco are so present it is amazing–but not in physical.  Karuna had said that they might return together at a later date to us from a journey–and we are open definitely. Right now grateful for this dog that was a surprise new member of the family.  The file says ‘Peaces’ but we settled on ‘Bella’ for name.   No new news on IKE but it all feels connected so wanted to share with you. The work you and your guides did with IKE was and is still so inspiring…

Jan Angel