Thanks for the great weekend.  Couple of quick things:

I had asked for healing for my daughter during the spiral work.  Didn’t tell anyone….even my wife.  My daughter had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and the doctor took her off some of her medications.  He said it appears she no longer needs them and she may be maturing and changing.  My wife said that she was surprised because the doctor has never said anything like that before….Continuing to believe in miracles.

I believe I have a residual from Sat night…I now have periods of spontaneous chanting followed by what I can best explain as a Spirit vision…Right now it doesn’t seem to matter where or when…Luckily I haven’t broken out in chanting during a business meeting at work but who knows.  Don’t have the sense that I can’t come back or regain immediate control but it’s been an interesting development.  Maybe I got my wish of integration?

One of the things I needed to work on this weekend was learning to listen and be a participant…Hence my conscious effort not to share during the weekend but I do need to relate the message I received in the spiral:

It was everything and it was nothing

The world was veiled and the world was unveiled

It was power and strength and it was weakness and fear

It was lightness and it was darkness

It was faced and it was faceless

It was the ancient old ones and it was the new young ones

I was alone…I was everyone

There is no beginning and there is no end

I am changed…I am unchanged

I am here…I am nowhere…I am everywhere.