Thank you again for a most amazing weekend. All of it was amazing, humbling and certainly mind blowing in different ways, from a very personal learning about Ego and were it can go to experiencing the most amazing journeys. The spiral was something in itself. I can truly say I have only the most minute understanding of it however doing the spiral again on Sunday with the release work which for me shifted everything and allowed me to release issues I had all my life and not even realizing the depth of how they affected me, when I was standing in the spiral using the phrase to release what I no longer needed I saw the spiral move, spiraling to be correct, I had to open my eyes to look around and when I closed them again the spiral was still moving that was such a powerful experience that I cant even find the right words for it. I have never seen the ground spiraling but I know it was real.

Thank you and all your Spirits for the teaching and sharing of gifts.